Is Still Searching (2006 - 2013) at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, China
A publication produced as part of Art Review’s September issue. It shows a changing city through a tourist’s guidebook on which new images of a more mundane reality are layered. 16 pages, 35.000 copies 26 × 19.5 cm, London
(Gustav Mahlerlaan / Price per m2: €1.400)
A contemporary version of stereo photography. Two images are taken of the same subject, at roughly the same moment, but from a different angle.
Due to having one week only to make a publication, the production process was turned around. First the book was printed, leaving the edit for a later moment. Just before someone received a copy, a new selection was made by tearing out pages.                                                

15 x 18 cm, between 1 and 52 pages, self published in an edition of 500 numbered copies, 2006