TPG Instagram takeover

As part of The Chinese Photobook exhibition we co-curated for The Photographers' Gallery, we also took over their Instagram account. Each day we focus on one of the seven chapters of the Aperture book. Today is day 4: State Publishing: The Cultural Revolution and Beyond.


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Opening tonight at the UCCA

(The Chinese Photobook came together over a period of seven years and was made in collaboration with British collector and photographer Martin Parr. This was seven years of book finding; trying to make sense of our finds; editing the book [forthcoming later this month!] and curating the traveling exhibtion. More info an images on the UCCA exhibition in Beijing can be found on their website.)


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Until 2 April 2015 at Aperture Gallery New York...

With a tour by Ruben Lundgren on 14 February 2015 from 2 until 2:30 pm. All at Aperture Gallery, 547 West 27th Street New York.